A visit to the Fish Gallery

Today we made a visit to the Fish Gallery, where we had tons of fun and learned so much!


The children were able to feed all the extra friendly fish!

They were in many different sizes! Some were very tiny, and then some were gigantic..we were in amazement..

We were able to pet turtles…  We moved on to another area where we were able to pet and hold starfish,crabs, sea urchins and snails.

 We felt how rough a starfish really feels!

 In another area we held a turtle and squishy orange frog! Last but not least we all gathered around to pick out the different coral we wanted to add to our Fish tank !

We were able to raise a $110.00 thanks to our parents!

But before we were going to check out and pay we all joined together in a room to create some art work while it was still fresh in our minds!

We used art as another language to express what we have seen and learned from this trip. The children focused on dark and light colors along with if a sea animal was squishy,hard soft, and etc.


We all loved taking turns and paying for our new coral!




Learning Goals:

  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to learn key content and principles of science such as-difference between living and non living things (plants versus rocks) and life cycles of various organisms (plants, butterflies, humans).
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to use the five senses to observe, explore, and experiment with scientific phenomena.
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to: Collect data and to represent and document their findings (through drawing or graphing)
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to think, question, and reason about observed and inferred phenomena.
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