How long does it take for a potato to grow?

Today we received some potatoes in our classroom! This started a whole conversation all about potatoes.

As we decided we were going to plant them in our garden the children told me many different details.

Alexandra said, “Potatoes grow in the ground.”

Teagan told us, “They grow from the ground because they look dirty and get mud on them.”

The children came up with what steps to take when planting the potatoes in the garden:

  • Dig a hole
  • Add the potato
  • Cover it up (w/ dirt)
  • Water it
  • Wait for it to grow

 So we asked the children how many days we think it will take before more potatoes grow…

They began creating a chart where they wrote their name and how many days they think it will take.

The numbers range from 3 days to 10 days!

After everyone wrote their hypothesis down…we went outside to begin gardening!

We really enjoyed this part! =D

The children will go outside everyday and measure to see if it anything has began growing and we will record our answers. We will continue counting the number of days to see how many days it will take. In the end we will see whose hypothesis was correct!

Please check the progress of this project in the hallway where our chart and graph are located.

Learning Goals Achieved:

  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to learn key content and principals of science such as earth and sky.
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to collect data and to represent and document their findings.
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to think, question, and reason about observed and inferred phenomena.
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