Potato Research

Since planting many potatoes in the garden, the children created many different images of different kinds of potatoes!

We are also learning how to write ,“POTATOES”

We have been constantly talking about potatoes! The children discussed shapes and colors with us, telling us potatoes are many different colors like red,blue,yellow and brown! Some children agreed while others disagreed! It was a heated conversation, but we decided that was something we would have to find out! ;O)

“Potatoes” By:Kylie

After the children created pictures of what they thought potatoes looked like, they sat down with us and came up with different questions they would like to find out about potatoes.

4 questions we are doing research on are:

  • What color are potatoes?
  • How do potatoes grow?
  • Why do potatoes grow in the garden?
  • Why and how many times do you need to water potatoes?







After the kids shared their questions, they were provided with computers to begin researching! The students are all working together to write each question down and then moving on to a computer.They are learning how to find each letter on the keyboard,using spaces and punctuation marks!

After we typed the question in the Google search bar, the teachers helped us find a website and read us some useful information to our question! As we found the answers we began writing it down on our paper.

For the past week we have been continuing to check the garden daily along with watering it to see if anything has began growing yet…

But we haven’t seen anything sprout yet….

So we have gone back to our graph in the hallway and recorded that nothing has grown for week one, But we will continue to check daily!

Since learning the answers to our questions we are working together to type our information on Word Document and creating pictures!  The children are typing from their notes, and learning how to use Word to insert pictures, change the font, etc.  They are ready for the work force! lol ;0)

Here is a little preview…..

Why do potatoes grow in the garden?

“Because it is a sunny spot and they like dirt.” By:Preston

Learning Goals Achieved:

  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to learn key content and principals of science such as earth and sky.
    • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to collect data and to represent and document their findings.
    • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to think, question, and reason about observed and inferred phenomena.
    • All children have opportunities to access technology (e.g., tape recorders, microscopes, computers) that they can use: by themselves, collaboratively with their peers, and with teaching staff or parent.
    • Technology is used to:extend learning within the classroom, and integrate and enrich the curriculum.
    • Each kindergartner is encouraged to write independently each day.
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