The Magic Box and the Disappearing Paint!

We noticed two of our students painting together at the easel one morning. They were intrigued by the new paint colors that were presented in the art area.

The children took turns adding blocks of color to the white paper. They enjoyed the visual stimulation of the vibrant paint streaking across the paper, creating translucent and  opaque waves as the paint brush moved through it.

Noah: “We are painting a Magic Box and we have to cover all of the white paper! See this red paint it’s magic!”

To these two students, the paint took on a new form as a magical substance that covered the white box (the paper) .

The students talked casually about their day as they painted. Noah told Jonathan about a scratch that he had on his knee form the night before.

Noah: “I was outside with my dad and I fell down on my knee… I cried alot. But now I am o.k.”

Jonathan: “Does it hurt?”

Noah: “No not anymore, I am strong.”

This conversation quickly changed direction as they noticed the paint colors mixing together.

Noah: “Look, we made purple! Red and blue make purple!”

Jonathan started to add brown paint to the paper and when the dark blue paint mixed with it, it overpowered the paint color remained a dark blue.

Jonathan: “Hey, what happened to the brown paint! It disappeared!”

Noah: “I will fix it!”

Noah tried to add more brown paint on top of the dark blue paint but the more he mixed the colors together the more he noticed the brown paint color starting to fade away.

Noah: “It’s Magic!”

The two students continued to paint the piece of paper until paint covered the entire paper.

“We are done they exclaimed!”

So proud of their creation, they shared it with rest of the class and explained how the paint was magic and how some of their colors disappeared!


Through this self motivated project the children explored an art material that they see everyday but today, it opened up a world a creativity, exploration, and problem solving. The children built a special bond today by worked together to create this magical piece. They were engaging in conversion and understanding color theory through experimentation.


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