Nurturing Our Babies

Who would have known our little ones would be such great caregivers?  After observing how the children were very intrigued with the babies provided in the classroom kitchen area, we set up a whole area dedicated to the dolls!

 On the large red carpet in the classroom, a basket full of pieces of fabric, cardboard containers, and baby dolls were displayed neatly.

The children were automatically interested in what they saw! They began holding the babies, covering them with fabrics, showing them affection, and trying to put them to sleep!

We went over the babies features such as their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. We even practiced vocabulary while the children engaged in conversation with the teacher about taking care of the babies. They used words like, “gentle, bath, shh, and baby ni ni”

By allowing the children to play with dolls, we help them care for the dolls in a very real way.  The care that the children show is basic human instinct. By encouraging this act of care in young children, we help instill the ability to give selflessly and care for others.  Our hopes for them is to become caring adults.

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