Observing Butterflies

This may look like a picture from the Internet, but we are proud to say that it is a butterfly in our playground, eating from our flowers, in our BUTTERFLY GARDEN!!!!!!!

We are so excited that the children are getting a close up view of the butterflies feeding from the flowers.  We have seen this specific type of butterfly along with yellow ones, and many different moths!  With all of the excitement the children are showing, we wasted no time ordering caterpillars!  They are on the way and should be here by next week.

We started talking about them and using paper and materials to create pictures inspired by butterflies. We see the butterflies almost daily when we go outside! 

When we are inside, we continue using paint, popsicle sticks, glitter and tissue paper to create butterflies.

As the children work, we read books and look at pictures to engage in conversation and encourage the children to add details to their work to represent different topics we are talking about.  We use this time to engage in conversations about colors and shapes, to count, and to spell and write.

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