Toddlers and Pipes!

Today we explored with PVC Pipes!  Who says Home Depot is only for adults ;0)

The children each used the pipes in their own creative ways; they made sound effects and took them all over the room!

The first challenge was finding a way to hold all of them!

We “mowed the lawn” with the pipes!  He made noises with his mouth and pushed the pipes all around the room like a lawn mower.  In no time, his friends were watching, and joined him in the lawn work!

Some of us just looked at them and turned them around, trying to figure out what this new thing was! We sang our little hears out in the “microphone”!  She tried to get her friends to sing along, but they weren’t having it! ;o) 

She tried to carry as many as she could all over the room.  When one fell, she stopped, re-situated them in her arms and continued on her quest – never giving up!  Walking and carrying larger objects is challenging for toddlers, but she proved to conquer this challenge.  Luckily her friend came along and helped her carry these pipes to all the places they needed to go.

Carrying these around is HARD work! We tried to fit them in holes around the room…..  We balanced them on the animals’ backs…. “Mowing the lawn is hard work!”……  Back to singing ;0)

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