A Productive Monday

Today the kids used watercolors. During their painting we talked about the colors they were using. They also painted at the easle using acrylic green blue and yellow paints.

The children are becoming familiar with using oil pastels with watercolor….
He slowly approached the the table and decided to use an oil pastel
Learning to share the paint was the biggest accomplishment here.  They spent the whole morning playing “tug of war” ;0)  We stayed with them encouraging communication, and helping the children use their words to express their frustration.  And in the end, they compromised and SHARED!!!
She enjoyed painting streaks on the paper. Her favorite thing to paint and draw is circles. It takes deep concentration choosing the colors for this painting. ;0) She started out using green then asked for yellow. A girl who knows what she wants:) They made a picture together using blue and green. She enjoyed pouring the blue sand back and forth into the small scoopers.“Look its coming!” he said. As he watched the sand empty the funnel to make the wheel spin.
Teamwork! Once again, we find ourselves working on sharing :0)  One held a scooper for the other to pour sand in it. Showing the teacher how it works.:) Making green using a blue and yellow transparent tools.  “Triangle!”
“Green!” She said when she chose the two green transparent tools.
Concentrating the whole morning on the ladybug puzzle.  We conquered the challenge and did the puzzle all by ourselves!

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