Experts on Ladybugs

There is still a lot of energy behind our bug investigation, and our favorite bug by far is the ladybug!  The art continues everyday, and we are becoming more familiar with our colors, shapes and descriptions of this beautiful beetle…………….. Paint is always a favorite of ours.  We love using watercolors as well as tempura paint…..  We use every last drop! ;o)  The two handed approach seems to work much quicker! ;0) We can get two pieces done at one time……..   We also love to use clay and salt dough.  We made our own lady bugs out of salt dough, and painted them when they were dry………  Don’t forget to add a touch of glitter……  Or in this case, the whole container of glitter! ;o)  Our finished products are “crawling” on our walls, traveling from the window to the door!  Take a peek in the room and see our wonderful creation.

Our Literacy Expert from the Houston Public Library is now pulling special books for our class to help with this investigation!  Looking from the pictures below, the children are already experts in this beautiful beetle.  They can tell you all about them!




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