Cooking “Big Corn”

Look at our first harvest!!!!  We have cucumbers, onions, and our favorite – CORN!!!!!!

Sam noticed the corn growing in the garden, and we learned that when the “hairs” of the corn turn brown, they are ready to pick.  The children worked together to find all of the ears of corn with brown “hairs”.

The children picked our ears of corn from the garden, and we cooked them immediately.  Shirmar said we needed to boil them, so we did, and then added a little butter and salt to the corn.  The children loved it so much they requested “big corn” so that they could have more to eat (since the corn from our garden was so small).

So the next day, we had “BIG CORN” to cook for lunch!  They started peeling right away………

We took the scraps out to the compost, and brought our big ears of corn to the kitchen……Corn has now been added to our lunch on Thursdays ;0)  Thanks to the “Big Corn Cooking Company” (see their picture below)…….

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