Buillding with Blocks,Counting Cones and Flying like Fairies!

The children were building with big legos in the hallway and they began to build walls. They were counting the legos then knocking them over and rebuilding them. Eventually, they began to build four walls around someone and made little houses. Again, they would count the legos and knock them over then let someone else inside and build another house around them. 

When the children were counting the legos one by one, they were practicing their math skills and becoming familiar with their one-to-one correspondence. They are beginning to understand when to stop counting and the values of the numbers they are counting.

When they are taking turns, they are developing the social skills to share and this also helps with language development as they work together in building houses and help one another counting.

Jackson and Alexander were lining cones up in the sand and counting them. They counted 10, so they decided to draw 10 cones. “The cones are orange,” said Alexander. Then Jackson came over and counted 5 of the cones that Alexander drew, and wrote the numbers 1 through 5.















Next, we printed a worksheet with pictures of cones, boxes, and numbers so that the children could line up their cones with the numbers and count them then write the number. This would help with many of their math skills such as one-to-one correspondence, adding/subtracting, and graphing. This will also help them recognize numbers as they are writing them while they are counting, and they are lining up cones with the numbers.

We believe in providing the children with an activity like this when we see their interest in a specific subject or material.  We created the worksheet with numbers and cones to further promote the math activities that they initiated.

In the past months we have seen an improvement with their handwriting and marks. From the sign in sheets to any other writing they are doing, we are now seeing smaller marks.  They now understand where the number or letter should be written and they are writing smaller, more slowly, and letting the teachers know what it is that they are writing.

As we have been continuing to work with them, we are beginning to see numbers and letters form on their pages!  The number 8,1 and 10 was a favorite.  These numbers are some of the easier to write and the children are enjoying writing them and showing off what they have accomplished!

We are so happy to have an area that has “pink” and “ballerinas”! The girls have requested pink, so we colored some rice pink.  The were surprised to find fairies, dragons, unicorns, furniture and ballerinas for them to play with.  The girls were playing with the fairies and the butterflies and making them fly. The children put wings on their backs and they went outside to run. They were all yelling, “FLY! FLY! FLY!” They were flying “like butterflies”! Some of the boys joined in and were running and flying, but they didn’t want the wings.

They put the fairies to sleep……

and wake them up when it is “morning time”…..

The children came inside and began to draw butterflies. They were drawing circles and lines for the wings and gluing glitter. They were making butterfly wings and counting them. Jacob said there were two wings and ten eggs. After they were done drawing butterflies, they wrote the word butterfly.

With the teacher’s help, the children are understanding how to write letters. They are becoming more familiar with letters and they recognize that letters have lines and circles in them. This helped with their reading and writing skills, as they saw the word butterfly and wrote the letters as they said them out loud. The children were also practicing their counting as they were counting wings and butterfly eggs.

flying outside like butterflies……. 

While they were waiting for snack time, a group of children went to the front of the classroom and began to sing the ABC’s.  All of the children sitting on the floor cooperated, and when the song finished, they sang it again and again until it was time to go to snack.

This helps them develop social skills and their language development also improves when they sing songs. They are learning their ABC’s and are singing the songs more clearly.

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