What a restaurant needs

 Our students began a project on starting a restaurant that emerged from the dress up area.  Click on the link below to recall how it all began…


Since creating this menu, the students have shared many thoughts and ideas of what they would like to do and create to carry on this project…

Ms.Ambreen– How can we make a restaurant?

Taylor: You have to put chairs so people can sit.

Alex: and tables, salt, and pepper.

Devyn: Take orders.

Natalia: Boxes so you can put food.

People that give food to the other people.

Taylor: Freezers with desserts.

Devyn: Workers make food for the people.

Ella: Restaurants need parking lots so when people have  something to park on.

Taylor: A place where they can cook and bathrooms.

We wanted to keep these ideas in mind so we would know what to provide the children with when we provided them with the materials to have a restaurant.

After having this discussion about what a restaurant needs the children were asked what they see when they walk into a restaurant…

” Something in the middle of the table!”

That is how we came up with the idea of making centerpieces for our restaurant!

The children were asked what they would like to use to make it…

Instead of picking something you see everyday like flowers they came up with their own ideas for what was needed.They had to have Paint, glitters, jewels,pompoms and rocks!

Before they began using these materials they worked together to sound out words and make a list of the materials needed so their sounding out,spelling, and reading was incorporated.

Then all the creativity began! They all worked together to use the different colors they said were needed to first paint the rocks and then they were able to add the rest of the materials from the list making their unique centerpieces complete. They are very proud of these centerpieces!



Now that the centerpieces are complete, we have transformed our dress up area into a restaurant so we can begin to learn all the different things about how it is managed. Some of our centerpieces are on the customer table while others are placed in front of the window in our classroom if you would like to stop by and check it out.

Now that everyone has brought in a menu from home we will begin talking about what a menu includes so we can make a customized menu for our restaurant. We will be using different programs on the computer to help us complete this activity.

We have also started making our sign and will begin learning how to set a table with the tableware.

Please check back to see the progress with this project.

Learning Goals Achieved:


Reading/Beginning Reading Skills/Print Awareness. Students understand how English is written and printed. Students are expected to:
(A) recognize that spoken words can be represented by print for communication;
(B) identify upper- and lower-case letters;
Reading/Beginning Reading Skills/Phonics. Students use the relationships between letters and sounds, spelling patterns, and morphological analysis to decode written English. Students are expected to:
(A) identify the common sounds that letters represent;
Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to:develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials.


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