Creating a city of our own

The children have continuously  been going in the block area where they use the blocks to build and legos to make cars & Samurais.

Ms. Ambreen walked over as they began telling her what they made in excitement!

Ms.Ambreen- ” Where do they live?”

Roberto-“In the city.”

We wanted to provide the children with an opportunity to build on this excitement that we have been watching as they build.

This inspired us to make a city for the cars and samurais. As they were provided with paper and markers they began drawing to show Ms. Ambreen what their city looked like and had in it.


The city included:


-Tall buildings with windows

-Shopping store

-Mouse store






After the children made the blueprint of the city, we thought it was time to make a 3-d model.

We talked to them step by step, in order to provide them with materials that they either asked for, or that we thought would help build on their ideas.

So they worked together to make the roads on long strips of paper and then they said they would like to use blocks to begin making the houses…






As time went by  they all tried making houses out of blocks but they kept knocking over and falling down.

That’s when they realized that maybe the blocks were a little too big and heavy and they may need to try some other materials out.






The next morning we came back to school and used a long rectangular table in the hallway where our blue print hung above us , so we were reminded what all we needed to build.



First all of the children worked together to create new roads…


Some of them created lines in one straight line, while others drew many lines everywhere for the road!



As we gathered around the table the children were asked what we needed to make first?

Jonathan: The buildings

Teacher: Okay. So what will we use to make the buildings out of.

Alex: We can use popsicle sticks and colored sticks.

Teacher: Okay what will we use to hold it together?

Children: Glue!

So they went to the classroom and grabbed these materials and began trying to make buildings.


Some of the children laid the popsicle sticks flat on the table in a line and poured glue on top….



While others made some of the popsicle sticks stand up and said they would hold it for a long time until it would stick.







Once this student realized it was taking too long to hold it up she said she would try a different way and asked one of her classmates for help as she tried gluing her building together in another way.

One of the houses for the city By:Jonathan




Once everyone made their buildings they said they needed to leave it on the table until the glue dried.

When they were told this table  needed to be used for lunch they said they needed to make a sign that read, “STOP!”








Everyone took turns writing the word STOP….

Everyday, we will continue to bring the children to visit the project, to see how the city will evolve.  We are excited to see literacy develop from the building, as well as problem solving and team work.

Check back to see the progress on this project! =D








Learning Goals Achieved:


Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to:
(A) create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines;
(B) arrange forms intuitively to create artworks; and
(C) develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials.
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