Building in Beautiful Weather

All children are born with creative potential.  We believe in giving them opportunities to continue to shape their potential  rather thank loose it.  Open ended materials allow for the children to create objects, story tell, and use their imaginations.

Now that the weather is cooling off, we are able to open up our classroom door during the day, and use our materials outside.  This allows for the children to be inspired by the beautiful weather and let their creative juices flow….

We took a basket of building sticks and began building with our friends while  feeling the cool breeze…

The girls made different things like a car wash, umbrella, hammer, and star!

“C” put an umbrella over her head!

“A” began hammering the cone because she said it needed some fixing…

“A” also made a “special hammer” over her own to fix the ground.

“Car wash”



“Hammer” By:Amanda

“Star” By:Natalia

“Umbrella” By:Devyn

“Car wash” By:Ella

Not only did the children use their creativity in building and playing with what they created, we also incorporated drawing, reading, and writing as they made representations of their work on paper.

Learning Goals Achieved:

Perception. The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. The student is expected to:
(A) glean information from the environment, using the five senses; and
(B) identify colors, textures, forms, and subjects in the environment.
(2) Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to:
(A) create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines;
(B) arrange forms intuitively to create artworks; and
(C) develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials.

  • Each Kindergartner is encouraged to write independently each day.

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