Taking apart an Overhead

We were excited to find out that we were given an overhead to take apart this week! The children were able to figure out how to take an overhead apart much faster since they had practice on the VCR.


Hendrix and Noah were very  intrigued with the overhead! And it was a mission of theirs to take it apart. They decided the way it would come apart was from unscrewing EVERY single screw in it…and that is just what they began to do all morning….

These students have a better understanding of what a  SCREWDRIVER is used for now.

This was just a start of how many screws had been taken out…

We also want you to know taking each screw out was not an easy task because they were so tightly put in place, but with the help of teachers and friends the boys got the job done and kept going.

As the boys worked through each part of the overhead, we began listening to what was being said.

“Were fixing the overhead.” -Noah

“The turning knob moves it up and down.” -Hendrix

“When you take all the screws out it makes the overhead fall.” -Hendrix

“A screwdriver turns the screws out.”-Hendrix

“Oh it’s a timer! It blows air out! ” -Noah

“That’s how the light works, the fan moves.”-Hendrix

“If we couldn’t get the screw out, we need a bigger screwdriver.”

As the boys were so motivated to take all the screws out and figure out what each object was for, other children began joining in on the excitement!

“I found a turning thingy!”

Some children went back to the VCR and began taking more little pieces out of it.”

” We took out batteries from the VCR.”


“I got ten batteries!”

We even had a visitor from the preschool room who wanted to help us!

Once the whole thing was taken apart, we had a meeting to discuss what each piece of the overhead was used for…The children took their time examining each piece and comparing it to the overhead that did work before explaining to us what it was used for…

Ella looked at this piece and  said, “Its to cover the body of the wind. It is called ,THE BODY OF THE AIR.”  We were wondering what she meant by this, but as we took  a close look at this piece we saw it is the part that covers the fan and that is when we realized what she meant, along with being accurate!

Aidan was taking a hard look at his piece, when finally he tells us, “It goes on” and that is when Jonathan jumped in to help him complete his thought and said, “You turn it around!”

Noah looked at this long heavy metal bar and as was looking at the other over head and tell us, “This goes here and goes up and down.”


This was one of Noah’s favorite pieces! After he took the overhead apart he would put it on his eye, smile real big and tell us, “Hey you’re Big!” ,using it as a magnifying glass. After using it as a magnifying glass he said, “It goes here and makes the light go to the light, It is called a BIG THING.”

Amanda examined the holes in this metal bar, after looking at it for a few minutes, she told us,”It puts screws and makes in go in.”

Cami saw these drawings on this piece which showed light bulbs and arrows going back and fourth. Then she told us, “It makes the light on the wall turn on.”

Clarke told us this piece was called a, “LIGHT SPIN and it is for the light to turn around when the light turns on. It goes inside.”

Timmy said, “This is where the light comes out of and the mirror moves so the light can shine where you want it to shine.” He was letting us know we can adjust this up and down if we wanted to so the light can move around.

“WIND BLOWER, when the light turns on it blows air.” -Noah

Jonathan loved this piece because their was a little button on it that would click and make a sound. So he would keep clicking away as it made an interesting sound!  “You push it and lets the light go on.”

“It’s to turn it around and to go smaller.” -Jonathan

” This has to go in that so the light can turn on.” -Alexandra

Lastly Musa told us, “this has to go on the top of the overhead. It’s the light and goes on the wall. You can draw and put some stuff on it. It is called GLASS.”

The children decided to have a little fun with the plastic magnifying glass after they were able to see what it does…

After getting all the screws, we decided we will need to count them to see how many screws it takes to make an overhead! But, I was told by the boys that we need to separate all the different colors of  screws! This calls for a math problem to see what the total of all 3 colors are. Stay tuned for that! We are also ready to move onto the next piece of electronic so if you have anything to donate , please do! ;-D

Learning Goals Achieved:


Reading/Vocabulary Development. Students understand new vocabulary and use it correctly when reading and writing. Students are expected to:

(A)   identify and use words that name actions, directions, positions, sequences, and locations;

(B)   (1) Perception. The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. The student is expected to:

(C)   (A) glean information from the environment, using the five senses; and

(D)   (B) identify colors, textures, forms, and subjects in the environment.

(E)    (2) Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to:

(F)    (A) create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines;

(G)  (B) arrange forms intuitively to create artworks; and

(H)   (C) develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials.

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