Cracking a Coconut

Clarke and her mom brought in a coconut that they bought from a grocery store!

Right away the children asked to hold it and as some of them began to shake it they heard somethig inside!

Teacher- “What do you hear when you shake the coconut?”

“It has milk in it.” -Musa

“The milk comes out when you are drinking inside it.” -Devyn

“You cut it inside.” -Clarke

“The inside is white.” -Musa

“I hear water inside when I shake it.”-Aven

Teacher: Where do coconuts grow from?

“Palm Trees!”-Musa

“Coconut trees” -Ella

“It’s milk and water because it’s so healthy for you!”-Devyn

“Coconuts grow on the tree because they fall down.” -Natalia

“No you have to pick them from the tree!”-Ella




 Coach Chip took us outside to help and show us how to crack a coconut!!!








The children were very surprised to see what the coconut milk looked like on the inside….


Trying the coconut was the best part! All the children decided they would like to see what it tastes like and majority of them liked it! We have decided we will look up different recipes with coconut in it so we can pick and make something with it next Friday! If you know of any recipes or have any ideas, PLEASE SHARE! :)


Learning Goals Achieved:


Knowledge and skills.
(1) Perception. The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. The student is expected to:
(A) glean information from the environment, using the five senses; and
(B) identify colors, textures, forms, and subjects in the environment.
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