Incorporating technology in our project work

The research on Potatoes still continues! To incorporate technology in our projects, we have added 2 computers to the classroom! The children LOVE the computers, and they are now using them to do research and create Word documents.

The children are working in groups to find letter keys, space bar and punctuation marks. We are also typing our first and last name on our own and trying to spell words on our own.

We are working together to type our information on Word Document and creating pictures!  The children are typing from their notes, and learning how to use Word to insert pictures, change the font, etc.







After we were done creating our sheet and picking a shape, we were ready to print our work and begin drawing our images! We wanted to show off our impressive work!!!

By: Musa






By: Roberto

We are still checking on our potatoes  by the window to see if anything has began growing…we are still waiting…. :-)

Learning Goals Achieved:

  • All children have opportunities to access technology (e.g., tape recorders, microscopes, computers) that they can use: by themselves, collaboratively with their peers, and with teaching staff or parent.
  • Technology is used to:extend learning within the classroom, and integrate and enrich the curriculum.
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