Experimenting with Potatoes

We are continuing our project on potatoes, and the children decided to do another experiment with them!

First we filled our cups with 2/3 cup of water…

Then we inserted toothpicks into and around the middle of the potato…

The children did a great job working together to get the job done…

We placed the pointy side down, into the container of water with the bottom half of the potato in the water.

The children also talked about how long they thing it will take to begin growing!!

We placed it in front of a window (where it is sunny) and over the next dew days we will change the water as needed.

After a few days, we will check to see if we are able to see roots forming below the waterline.

Then In two or three weeks, stems and leaves should begin sprouting from the top.

We are hoping in a month we will be able to plant the potato in a small pot and watch it grow even more!

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