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This morning the girls wanted to have some beans in the dress up area since they have received new dishes!! But before they were able to use them they had to pick the amount of beans they wanted by picking a cup measurement!

As they picked the measurement amount, they looked at the numbers and talked about how much it was along with sounding out the word “CUP”

Taylor picked 1/3 cup of beans and practiced writing it…

Camille picked 1 whole cup of beans!


After each of them wrote their answer down they took turns helping each other  pour just the right amount of beans in the correct measurement cup.

They took it over to the oven, where they placed the “bean bowls” in the oven and decided on what temperature they would set it at.. ;-D

A few feet away…their other classmates were coming back from their “outting” and wanted to see what was for lunch! :)

With hands on experience we will estimate and use measuring utensils to fill different measuring cups to find out how many times it takes to equal one cup, so we can really begin understanding  fractions.(Ex. How many tablespoons does it take to make one cup?)

Later in the morning we took turns going out in different groups to the hallway to practice estimating in our Estimation Station!

We picked jars with different items and guessed how many items were in it. After estimating we opened up the jar and worked together to count how many were actually in there. This helped us look at our guess and see if we were close or if we were very off!

The children did a great job talking about how many they thought were in the jar and coming to an agreement for the answers they would write down!

We will continue to do estimating throughout the school year so we can practice writing, recognizing and counting out numbers.


By:Taylor & Clarke

By:Noah & Hendrix


We have begun doing afternoon journal! The children will pick a time during the day where they will spend some journaling time outside and see how the weather is. Is it sunny, rainy, hot, windy or cold?








We also have a chart that shows us the different kinds of clouds that form. Today the children saw Cirrocumulus Clouds which appear as small, rounded white puffs.








As they see a particular cloud they are learning what the name of that cloud is, why it is that type of cloud and the shapes and colors of it. After having a discussion about it with the teacher and classmates and agreeing on one type of cloud, they write the name of the cloud and draw a picture describing the weather!




Learning Goals Achieved:

  • Compare two containers according to capacity (holds more, holds less, or holds the same.)
  • Compare two objects according to weight/mass(heavier than, lighter than or equal to)
  • Measurement. The students uses time to describe, compare, and order events and situations.
  • Underlying processes and mathematical tools. The student applies Kindergarten mathematics to solve problems connected to everyday experiences and activities in and outside of school. (Identifying mathematics in everyday situations.)
  • The children being able to make accurate estimations.
  • Able to make 1 to 1 correspondents.
  • Utilizing phonemes in order to create words. Spelling and reading the words we have written.
  • Counting from 1 to 100


  • Earth and space. The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world among objects in the sky. The student is expected to:


A)    Observe and describe weather changes from day to day and over seasons;


B)    Identify events that have repeating patterns, including seasons of the year and day and night; and


C)    Observe, describe, and illustrate objects in the sky such as the clouds, moon and stars, including the sun.

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