Using our Imagination

The children have become experienced chefs ;0) so we are providing them with more materials to pretend to cook with while they are in the dress up area.

Having play dough and different utensils in this area will encourage conversation about recipes being made, bring the cooking to life, and allow us to use our imagination!

 The girls set off right to baking while putting their hats on….

We cut the  play dough and began conversing about what different things we were making….

These two students made not 1, but 2 birthday cakes with candles!

Another child decided she wanted to make lots of eggs and place them in the bowl…

We used this as an opportunity to do some counting and writing!

The girls lined up each egg on the baking pan and began counting….

First we thought we counted 19 eggs, but when Alexandra wanted to double check she said their were actually 26 eggs!

The girls sat around the table drawing each egg and writing the number below it, while deciding what they would do with all their eggs after they were done!

We decided we wanted to use more materials with our play dough,  so we moved to another table and we added straws, Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and cookie cutters.

We made many different ninjas with the cookie cutters and began telling stories about them!

Musa made a snowman with eyes and buttons.








The girls were working together to cut and slice so they could make the perfect birthday cake!

Learning Goals Achieved:

Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses numbers to name quantities. The student is expected to:
(A) use one-to-one correspondence and language such as more than, same number as, or two less than to describe relative sizes of sets of concrete objects;
(B) use sets of concrete objects to represent quantities given in verbal or written form (through 20); and
(C) use numbers to describe how many objects are in a set (through 20) using verbal and symbolic descriptions.

Knowledge and skills.
(1) Perception. The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. The student is expected to:
(A) glean information from the environment, using the five senses; and
(B) identify colors, textures, forms, and subjects in the environment.

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