Deep Sea Creatures that “Glow”

 We have added a black light to our light table! This gave us a chance to experiment and explore with all the doors closed and lights turned off!

Playing with light and dark creates thrilling experiences. Light and darkness hold appeal and intrigue, as well as an element of chance and challenge. Experiences involving light and shadow make it possible for children to appreciate the awe and amazement of the world around them and provide a rich environment in which to develop their natural curiosity. Such opportunities allow children to engage in sustained shared thinking and to develop relationships where joys and fears are open for discussion.








We added white paper and highlighters to our light table with a little bit of music to inspire us….

The children thought it would be a great idea to make different sea animals that live in the ocean since we are learning about them from our tank…








The children loved the colors of the highlighters coming from the black light…

We love this creative new area….

We made many different sea animals…

“Sword Fish”



“Clown fish & Sting Ray”






After the children discussed and created these different sea animals in the “dark”, we looked through our books and found out their are deep sea creatures that light up (or glow) in the bottom of the ocean where their isn’t much light.

We will be researching and learning about these “sea creatures” that live at the bottom of the deep ocean and light up! Check back for the progress in this project this week. :)

Learning Goals Achieved:

  • Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using variety of media with appropriate skill.
  • The student is expected to: Create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines
  • Arrange forms intuitively to create artworks
  • Develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials
  • Investigate how the external characteristics of an animal help them move and eat
  • Observe, record and compare how the physical characteristics and behavior help meet their basic needs
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