Apple Sauce

Last Friday on the Menu: Apple Sauce

Making applesauce from scratch seemed easy since their were only a few steps…

We all used peelers to take all the skin off of 22 apples that we counted!!








It sure did take a while, but we didn’t give up….








After peeling all the apples we grabbed the food processor and blender to blend the apples and add lemon juice in….

We looked for the words “ON” and “OFF” on the processor…







Then we looked for “HIGH” and “LOW” on the blender…








When it was time to add sugar into the recipe, we looked for 1 TEASPOON and counted out just the right amount of sugar….








Learning Goals:

1) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses numbers to name quantities. The student is expected to:

(A) use one-to-one correspondence and language such as more than, same number as, or two less than to describe relative sizes of sets of concrete objects

B) use sets of concrete objects to represent quantities given in verbal or written form (through 20); and
(C) use numbers to describe how many objects are in a set (through 20) using verbal and symbolic descriptions.

2) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student recognizes that there are quantities less than a whole. The student is expected to:
(A) share a whole by separating it into two equal parts; and
(B) explain why a given part is half of the whole.

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