Fall is Here

We are noticing the weather is changing outside. We see acorns falling and brown leaves on the ground! We set up a Nature Area for our children to experiment with these natural  life objects. This will allow the children to learn all about the seasons,nature, and etc.















Before they began to explore the nature table we had a group discussion all about it!

The children were asked a series of questions so we could have an idea  of what was going on in their minds.

Teacher: “Why do you think it is cool out?” 

Ella: “Because were starting Fall and the leaves are falling down and the leaves have to change color!”

Roberto: “They turn brown.”

This helped us understand some of them knew the season has changed…

Teacher: “Tell me all about fall!”

Camille: “Acorns live in the trees and squirrels like acorns.”

Roberto:“We put our jackets on.”

Amanda: “The leaves turn to brown and then they fall down.”

Once the children went to this area, they began grabbing different things while looking at it,feeling it, and telling their friends what it is.

“A pumpkin and stick and two rocks.”-Amanda

“I made fall!”-Taylor

“I made  leaves falling down from the tree.” -Devyn

“Smiley face.” -Ella

“Its a tree that the leaves fall down from.” -Cami

“T” was very careful and observant as to how he places certain objects on one another. He had to have it the right way.

“I’m making a Forest!” -T








“M” told us, “These acorns are the big ones, they are the ones that the squirrels get.”

“This is my forest.” -M

“This is my bridge in the forest.” -M

“N” took his time putting many different things together, when he was done he called me over and said, “Look at my pigeon!”.

“A pigeon with  legs and wings.” -N

Learning Goals Achieved:

1) Perception. The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. The student is expected to:
(A) glean information from the environment, using the five senses; and
(B) identify colors, textures, forms, and subjects in the environment.
(2) Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to:
(A) create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines;
(B) arrange forms intuitively to create artworks; and
(C) develop manipulative skills

(3)Earth and space. The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world and among objects in the sky. The student is expected to:

(A) observe and describe weather changes from day to day and over seasons;
(B) identify events that have repeating patterns, including seasons of the year and day and night;

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