Promoting Curiosity

The children love playing with the wall of toys and seeing themselves in the little mirror. The reflection of the blue lights in the mirror also sparked their attention too. They really liked to explore the area where the blue lights are lit up!








 We provide opportunities for the infants to explore and enjoy learning through their senses.  We create places in the room for them to visit, touch and see new experiences.  We love provoking their curiosity and creativity.







 Evan, Jaxson and Olivia enjoyed playing in the new little play box the teacher fixed for them to explore. It was also lit with the blue lights that helped illuminate the green textured paper that was put inside. It is a cozy place all the children are sure to enjoy.

The parents have been bringing in books from home to share with the class.  We believe that education starts at infancy, so we spend many times during the day reading to them.

 The children read a new story before nap time! Rusty the Robot By: Joe Rigg and Simon Mugford and Stanley Goes Fishing By: Craig Fraizer

The children loved to hear the different tones in the teachers voice as she read the stories out loud! Aubrey sometimes even screams out with excitement during story time!

The teacher has made a big robot hut from cardboard and has added some colorful lights inside to make it inviting for the kids to climb into and enjoy. Some of them are crawling to it but are still adjusting to the big robot and are taking their time to go in it!

The children will be painting on different shapes like the ones found on the robots in the Rusty Robot book. The painting will be used to decorate the inside of their robot play hut!

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