Turning Imagination into Reality

The kind of play we encourage here at Little Wonders Learning Center is essential for developing one of the most amazing gifts of childhood…..Imagination. Children who actively use their imagination reap a host of benefits, such as playing cooperatively and being successful in school.


The girls in the Wonderland Classroom love to go to the dress up area and act out many  different roles.

Some days they are moms putting their babies to sleep and other days they are different animals crawling around…

One particular morning they were imagining they were making different dishes and food in a restaurant.

The teachers heard them speaking of broccoli and pasta that were being placed on their plates…..

As the teachers observed the interest they had in  the different kinds of food, they were able to provide the children with paper and markers  to create a menu of the different dishes that they would like.

The girls took turns writing each food item they would like to have on the menu. They were able to practice letter sounds and identify beginning and end sounds while they wrote each word down.

After the first part of our menu was done, the girls thought it would be nice if they drew a picture of each food so the customers would know what it would look like…

We also wrote the name of the food next to the picture…



We were able to glue our pictures on our big paper so that our menu would be complete.












Our menu consists of: Pizza,cereal,milk,cookies,broccoli,pasta,apples,spaghetti,bread,waffles,lemonade, and macaroni.

For the next step in this project the girls are sharing ideas of what their restaurant needs so they are able to make a real one. Once all our plans, ideas, and decisions are made we have a surprise for our parents! 

Isn’t it great how we can bring their imagination to life? :)

This is a project that has created an enormous amount of excitement and energy with the children.  We are continuing their plans, and our hope is to serve real guests at their restaurant.  Stay tuned…….

Some amazing benefits that come from developing the imagination:

  • Imagination helps school-age children solve problems by helping them think through different outcomes to various situations and role playing ways to cope with difficult or new circumstances.
  • Imagination allows children to practice real-life skills. From shopping at a pretend grocery store to assigning roles and dialog to dolls or puppets, children’s pretend play helps them practice and apply new learning and better understand how those skills are used in the real world.
  • Imagination encourages a rich vocabulary. Telling and hearing real or made-up stories, reading books and pretend play help children learn and retain new words.
  • Imagination helps children grow up to be adults who are creative thinkers. Adults who were imaginative children often become problem solvers, innovators and creative thinkers.

As you can see, imagination can often be as important as math, science or reading. Despite how it sometimes looks to adults, imaginative and pretend play helps develop many important skills that boost a child’s learning and success.

Learning Goals Achieved:


Oral and Written Conventions/Spelling. Students spell correctly. Students are expected to:
(A) use phonological knowledge to match sounds to letters
Perception. The student develops concepts about self, human relationships, and the environment, using elements of drama and conventions of theater. The student is expected to:
(A) develop self-awareness through dramatic play;
(B) explore space, using expressive movement;
(C) imitate sounds; and
(D) imitate and recreate objects in dramatic play
Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to:
(A) create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines;
(B) arrange forms intuitively to create artworks; and
(C) develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials.



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