Costume Work

As we are continuing to work on our costumes, the children are accomplishing a lot. Each child is making every single decision on their own!

“C” is going to be an orange princess so before she began to make her tutu , she worked with her friends to see how many inches her waist is and then  they  measured the length.








This helped her figure out how wide and long she will need to make it.

“H” wanted to begin creating his snorkel for his scuba diver costume. He grabbed a ruler to help him make a straight line so he knows where to cut….








He worked very hard to figure out a good technique for cutting this material…He was given all the time he needed to try different ways of using the scissors.

After he accomplished his mission, he used the glue gun to glue the shape of his snorkel!

And this scuba diver not only needs a snorkel, but a shark as well!  He drew a shark on his fabric.  When we cut it out he wanted to measure it, and said that this was the shark he was going to “ride”.  We held up the shark and realized that he actually made a small shark.

We asked, “Do you think this shark is the right size for you to ride?”

He said, “No, it is too small.”

Teacher, “So what should we do?”

H, “Make another BIG shark, and this can be the baby shark.”

So he got to work drawing fins for this shark and preparing the fabric for the “big shark”.











 “E” has been working on her “mane” for her horse costume for several days. Everyday she takes out a little time to add more “hair” to it. We cant wait to see how much hair it will have when it is time for the Fall Festival!

“D” decided she would like to design her own straps to her Bee costume. She grabbed the markers and began detailing it a very particular way….

Next it was time to place her stripes on her costume.  Her friend came to help her and they began looking at her picture to reference how to place the stripes.


As they were looking at the picture and placing the colored stripes in the correct order, they noticed that they ran out of room on the shirt.  Hmmm……time to solve the problem.

The teacher asked, “What should we do?  We do not have room for the black and green stripes.”

The girls continued to place the stripes in different places, and then said, “We can put them on top of each other!”

Great idea ;0)  So once they approved of the placements, we gave them the fabric glue, and  away they went……









 Here is a preview of some of the pieces that the children have created for their costumes:

“Captain Stomps head band”

“Butterfly wing”

“Shark” -Scuba diver Costume

“Heart Shaped Wings” -Butterfly Costume

“Triangular Shaped Wings” Bee Costume

“Purple Crown”-Purple Costume

“Straps”-Bee Costume

Stay tuned for more updates on costumes!

Learning Goals Achieved:

Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses numbers to name quantities. The student is expected to:
(A) use one-to-one correspondence and language such as more than, same number as, or two less than to describe relative sizes of sets of concrete objects;
(B) use sets of concrete objects to represent quantities given in verbal or written form (through 20); and
(C) use numbers to describe how many objects are in a set (through 20) using verbal and symbolic descriptions.


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