A Toddlers Inspiration with Colors and Shapes

Our teachers observed that the children were asking each other what color each crayon was. So they made a table specifically to expand their color and shape interests. The table contained visible shapes taped on, colored shape blocks, and a small book about shapes and colors. The children were all very intrigued with what they saw and used the materials in different ways. Some of them looked through the book and pointed out everything they saw. Others built things with the blocks and counted how many of each same colored blocks they had. All of the children found their own inspiration in the materials provided to create different ideas they had.


OVAL!” “What is this?” “ORANGE!” Stacking competition. He specifically chose the yellow blocks.She began her own personal project!Smile  Her finished work! She also started her own project.. But did not want to let go of the phone!Laughing He is thinking of what to do next. He decided to collect a few blocks to place them in the circle.  She is matching the green oval with the green shape on the table. They are pointing out what they know in the book.“Yellow!” “Diamond!” Concentrating!Smile She is counting the blue blocks. He decided this was a bus he had made. They collected all of the diamonds.


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