Story-telling on Stage

One day, the children were playing dragon tales and Natalia was assigning them roles as they played. Devyn was the dragon tale, Aven and Taylor were the princesses and Jayson, Jackson, and Aidan were the fathers who were all swimming in the sea!

Later that afternoon we watched videos of different plays. The children loved it.

We set up a stage outside to encourage their imagination. They used fabric for the costumes and chairs for the audience. The children enjoyed performing for their classmates. They said “We are going to do the Lion King show!”

This is our director!

We didnt want to start until we knew our whole audience was seated!

“Roaring Lions”

“Jumping Giraffes”

“Elephants that are turning around.”

“3 roaring Tigers”

Our special guest loved having the spotlight on her!

“Crawling Cheetahs”

Last but not least more Lions!!

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