Ninja Training

The boys in the class have taken us from knights and castles to Japan and ninjas!  Lately, the boys  have shown a real interest in learning all about ninjas.
We started off by looking at a books from the library.  We read about where ninjas came from, what they do, and the castles of their era.
We had group discussions of our readings to better understand what the children were learning and what their observations were…

  • “Who are ninjas?”
They lived a long time ago in Japan.-Preston
They were born in Japan.-Hendrix
They have masters.-Hendrix
Ninjas fight.-Christian
They are people who have swords.-Noah
Their are bad snakes they fight.-Sam
  • “What do they do?”

       They flip and “shing” them.-Bishop

They talk first and the protect the good guys.-Preston
Only knights train.-Preston
They train and than fight.-Bishop
They stand and wait for bad guys.-Musa
They flip and flip and flip.-Hendrix
  • “Where do ninjas live?”

      A dark cave.-Preston
   In a house that is blue inside.-Bishop

A dragon boat.-Sam
special house.-Musa
In Japan.-Noah
  • “What do they wear?”


 “Ninjas do tricks to confuse their enemy.”

“The ninjas would throw dust and smoke than run away to make it look like they did magic!”

I began a conversation where I told them about  ninjas also doing magic tricks too! They were soo shocked and excited. We talked about one particular magic trick that they reenacted for each other to see!

As we talked about ninjas, we got into details about what type of house they lived in. After doing some research we learned they lived in a Japanese Castle!!!
This gave us the idea to compare the similarities and differences with ninjas and knights!!
I asked the boys if ninjas came from japan, where did knights come from?
Hendrix yelled out, “ENGLAND!”
We pulled out the globe to find Japan, England and the United States!
The boys did a great job pin pointing these countries by looking for the letters each country started with..

We compared how knights wore armor over their clothes while ninjas also wore armor but it remains under their clothes, so their enemy doesn’t see it! 
After learning many new facts about ninjas, we found a very interesting video on the computer that showed us the inside of a real ninja castle!
We saw many cool things that were made especially for the ninjas…

“A ninja who is training.”-Bishop

Ninja doing magic tricks.-Luke

“I saw the ninja disappear behind the hidden door.”-Sam 

“The big ninja was looking for the little ninja behind the hidden door.”-Musa


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