What color are the Angry Birds?

We just couldn’t wait to make our very own Angry birds! But, before we did we drew a picture of which angry bird we wanted and what color. Then we practiced writing the name of that color!

We used these wooden materials to help create our birds…

After creating some angry birds and pigs, some of the students wanted to line them  up to see how many they made and how many more they needed..This was a great time to reinforce our counting skills…

We used a number strip to write down each number…

4 Angry Birds + 3 Pigs=7!









Ms. Ambreen took us out in the hallway to show us how many angry birds we needed since we only had 7! We did a great job working together as a team to figure our the solution to this problem!  23-7=16!


As soon as we were done creating all the angry birds and pigs we needed…We worked together to separate each different color groups of the angry birds…

We presented the boys with flashcards that had each color name written on it…They worked together to sound out each letter and read the word and put it with the correct color group…This was a great opportunity to practice our reading skills!

After categorizing each color with its name..we used these flashcards to help us make a chart showing how many angry birds we had for each color…
















 The boys worked extremely well completing these tasks..The next thing on our lists is to set up our game and create points for each pig! We are also working on creating our own slingshots! Please feel free to talk to Ms. Ambreen about what the next steps are in this project and any involvement you can take part in!

“Red Angry Bird”  By: Preston

“Yellow Angry Bird” By: Christian

“White Angry Bird” By:Samuel

“Red Angry Bird” By: Luke

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  1. Sarah Day says:

    This is so awesome! I am always amazed at what the kids are able to do and learn. Alexandre would have LOVED this project. We miss you guys. Maybe we will get a chance to visit this summer =)

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