Anatomy of a Peach and Fruit Parfaits!

Peaches was another fruit on our list we wanted to learn about!

After learning the basic facts about a peach :

  • What color is a peach?
  • How many seeds does it have?
  • Are the seed(s) big or little?
  • Is it a fruit or vegetable?
  • How many peaches grow on a tree?

We moved on to learning the anatomy of a peach!

First we examined the picture, we were wondering what we were looking at!
As the girls mixed yellow and white to make orange…we began talking about how the anatomy worked…




The fruit skin is called the Exocarp.

The Mesocarp also known as the flesh, is the interior of the fruit!

Encocarp-is a hard, lignified stone or pit derived from the ovary wall of the flower.

The seed is enclosed by hardened endocarp.

We had no idea their was so much information to a peach! It was fun for the children to try to pronounce our new vocabulary!  Please come see our final product for our Peach Anatomy!

 That same week we picked a recipe for Fruit Parfaits since one of the fruits in it would be peaches!

As we cut the peaches Noah asked to see the seeds…

 First he used his eyes to examine the seed and also touch the hard feeling of it…Next he asked to taste it and gave it a try! lol 😉

After the children made the yogurt and the fruit was cut, they dug right in.
The children really enjoyed making this recipe in particular, because they were able to make it  the way they wanted. Some put just blueberries and yogurt.,others did just peaches and yogurt, while some put everything! One thing was definite we all wanted WHIP CREAM on top of it!!

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