Banana Bread

Our project on fruits and vegetables, has us investigating plants, trees, seeds, and photosynthesis!  One week we found ourselves focusing on the BANANA!  So for our “Friday Cooking”, the children wanted to make Banana bread!

As we put all the ingredients together the children told me what each one was called..We looked at the letters on it and sounded it out!

The children took turns measuring out all the ingredients..

We are very good at mixing all the ingredients together since we bake every Friday!

We had a little help with the milk since its pretty heavy for us!

After we baked our banana bread, we thought it was a great idea to pour grated chocolate on top of it because Hendrix’s mom brought it in for us! 😀 Of course we wanted to pour all of it on top!!

It looked Delicious!

We loved it and the chocolate on top was a nice touch!

Check back to see what we have made the following week!

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