Tasting Cinnamon, Building Bird Houses, Playing with Alligators

On Friday, we watched the alligator video again. The toddler room joined us and the older children would say, “Alligators are reptiles!” and “Alligators eat fish!” They are very familiar with alligators now, and they understand that alligators are reptiles as well as snakes and turtles. They know where alligators live, and they know what they eat.

                Today, they had colored rice. The rice looked like a swamp, so the children walked the alligator through the ‘swamp’, making them jump high and run fast. As our project continues, we are practicing our reading and writing skills. They also use their cognitive to relate alligators to other animals.

 On Friday, we smelled cinnamon! The children enjoyed the smell and were so excited about it, that we decided to make cinnamon rolls instead of beans and rice for our cooking project this Friday. When the children were asked about the smell, this is what they said:

Taylor: “It smells like cinnamon!”
Jake: “It smells like apples!”
Chase: “Mmm, smells good!”
Emmett: “Carrots?”
Gemma: “Like cupcakes!”
Jack: “No, apples!”

                To continue our “smelling project”, we are going to make play-dough with kool-aid. This would enhance their color recognition as well as their smelling senses. We encourage parents to bring kool-aid packets, or any other items with smells so that we can smell different items and use our cognitive skills to understand what we smell compared to what they have smelled or eaten before.

    Today one of our students made a “birdy house” this morning! With the help of a school ager, she stacked blocks on top of one another and set a bird on top, calling it a birdy house. She said the bird house had stairs and she counted them; “There are 8!”

This is an invitation to revisit our bird project, and we can incorporate bird observations in our bird habitat outside. We will learn what birds eat and what kind of shelter they seek. Our goal is to become familiar with different animal classes. With this, we will also be able to learn about animal species and habitats.

We would like for the children to learn hands on about the birds just like they have been learning about marine life with our salt water tank.

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