Salt, Vanilla Extract and Play Dough

Our smelling project has continued through many experiments. We’ve smelled limes and cinnamon, and with that the children were interested in exploring their sense of smell. A group of children brought ingredients to school so that we could smell them; even taste them!!

One child brought salt. The children recognized the scent, but they weren’t very familiar with it. They touched it to feel the texture and would smell their hands. Some of them would dip their finger in for a taste, while others would stick their whole tongue inside the bowl of salt! ;-o

Another child brought vanilla extract.  The children passed it around, and enjoyed the smell. The children would say, “It smells good!” and “It smells like a cookie.” Some of the children even tried to drink the vanilla extract from the bottle. ;-P

One morning, the children came in and found play-dough with a scent; grape! The play-dough was made with grape kool-aid. The children were smelling it and pretending to eat it. Jake actually licked the play-dough and enjoyed the taste! He encouraged others to try it out. Too bad play-dough isn’t edible. Hehe! :-)

We would like to continue this smelling project and encourage parents to bring in more ingredients!

This project covered the following learning goals:

* Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to  the five senses to observe, explore, and experiment with scientific phenomena.

* Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to use their senses to learn about objects in their environment.

*  Materials and equipment used to implement to curriculum that encourages exploration, experimentation, and discovery.

*  Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to represent and document their findings.

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