Sea Animals for our Fish Tank

Since we were waiting for our 90 gallon fish tank to come in, we began picking and researching different sea animals we want to learn about and possibly add to our tank!

Some of the animals the children have been talking about are:

  • Seahorse
  • Clown fish
  • Octopus
  • Jellyfish
  • Red fish

Even though we may not be able to add them all we are creating our very own book about each sea animal and facts we are finding out.

We are reading books about the ocean and looking up animals on the computer to help us.

We cant wait to show our parents and have our books displayed out in the hallway next to our tank!

Here is a little preview to some of our pages for our books:

“Clown fish eats shrimp.”  By:Ahnaf

“Seahorse”  By:Raina

“Carry Block Seahorse”  By:Noah

“Octopus have 8 legs.” By:Teagan

“Red Fish”  By”Ereeni

We were so excited when we saw the guys from T&T Fish store were here to help us get our water ready for our new sea animals!

We watched them bring in all of the materials.  We saw the LIVE ROCK, which is actually rock from the ocean that contains good bacteria, aka “good germs” ;0)

We watched them put in the sand, which came from the ocean as well.  This sand contains good bacteria for our tank as well.

The live rock was stacked in a way to create caves and tunnels for the fish.  We have learned that the fish like to claim these areas for their territory.  They like to hide in them.

We added the 90 gallons of salt water, and our first groups of damsels.  We have some Green Chromis Damsels which are a light, iridescent color, and Yellow Belly and Yellow Tail Damsels, which are a beautiful purple and yellow color.  The damsels are strong fish that cycle the water and make it ready for the other fish!

We were able to ask questions and become part of the process!  This is very exciting for the children, and they are enjoying watching their fish everyday.

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