Vertebrates Vs. Invertebrates

Today we began learning about Vertebrate and Invertebrate. The children learned the definition of both these terms.

Vertebrate-having vertebrae; having a backbone or spinal column.This includes mammals,birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and humans.

Invertebrate-any animal lacking a backbone, including all species not classified as vertebrates .

We began discussing which sea animals we thought were invertebrates.  The children named different sea animals like Seahorses, stingray’s dolphins, jellyfish, starfish, frog, shrimp and squid. We learned that we were pretty close about some of them! Some Sea animals we learned are invertebrates were: Jellyfish, snail, starfish, shrimp and lobster.

We began finding out that reptiles, mammals, amphibians and humans have vertebrates! This is when we had a closer look of these different animals and humans with all their bones! As we spotted the back bone we traced the skeletal image and wrote a sentence about it!

The children were able to find and see the the backbone on the light table…

“The backbone helps you do things.” By:Preston

“The giraffe is a vertebrate.” By:Devyn

“Snake” By:Musa

“Turtle” By:Alexandra

“Lizard” By:Amanda

“A human” By:Jonathan

“A frog is a vertebrate.” By:Samuel

“A fish is a vertebrate.” By:Kylie

“A camel is a vertebrate.”  By:Teagan

Tomorrow we are investigating Invertebrates vs. Vertebrates, Mollusks and Crustaceans. We will be using real specimens to observe and dissect!

Learning Goals:

  • Children are provided varies opportunities and materials that help them learn and use scientific terminology and vocabulary associate with the content areas.
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to discuss scientific concepts in everyday conversation.
  • Investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.
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