Salt Water & Fresh Water

Today we made a visit to our Salt water tank to visit our new friends the snails, hermit crabs and shrimps.

The children were having conversation with each other while observing what was going on in our tank.

 I asked the children, “Why the hermit crabs are called the clean up crew?”

Timmy said, “The hermit crabs clean the tank by eating the poop!”

Natalia said, “They use their arms to dig for sand castles.”

Then we began discussing how the clean up crew eats all the algae, poop and left over fish food so they children could have a better understanding of their purpose and how the fish tank remains clean.

One of our teachers brought in a fresh water tank with fish! This has encouraged us to look at differences between a salt water and fresh water tank. We learned that one of the fish that was really big with a round tummy was pregnant! The children were very excited to find her!

The children came back to the room and created pictures of what the observed and learned. They also wrote a sentence describing their pictures.

“I made the girl fish with the big tummy and the baby is growing.” By:Samuel

“The fish are swimming.” By:Teagan

“I made the fishy that is going to have babies.” By:Devyn

We also began taking a closer look at the Anatomy of a bony fish.

The children guessed and labeled the body parts they knew! They did an awesome job! Some of us were learning how to write in the empty box provided. Amanda said she couldn’t finish writing the word in the box because it was filled up and had no more space!



Learning Goals:

  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that help them learn and use scientific terminology and vocabulary associated with the content areas.
  • Children are provided varied opportunities and materials that encourage them to discuss scientific concepts in everyday conversation.
  • Investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.
  • Give examples if ways rocks, soil and water are useful
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