Creating Biomes






Since learning about Biomes, the children have ran right to work!

We are working with each other to help everyone create what they need for their specific biome…

The students are really excited about being able to use so many different materials to create  exactly what they need.

We are learning so many different facts about our Biomes as we are picking and choosing what we need in there to make it survive.

  • The ocean holds the largest of Earth’s biomes. It covers 70% of the planet’s surface.






  •  Wetlands/Swamps have the highest species diversity of all ecosystems. 

  • Tropical Rain Forest:There isn’t a big change in seasons like there are with many other biomes. Instead, this is what you can expect day after day. It will rain just about every day due to the high humidity. 

“Cottonmouth Snake & Alligator”


“Butterfly”  By:Grace

“Cactus”  By:Hendrix







“Green Tree Snake”  By:Grace

“Cactus” By:Samuel

“Swamp”  By:Preston

Tropical Rain forest By: Grace

“Desert” By:Samuel

“Tropical Rain Forest” By: Musa

Here is a preview to a couple of the books we are creating…

Lizards and Cactus’s in the desert

By: Samuel

All About Swamps     By: Preston

Check back soon to see the completion of our Biomes and books that go along with them! ;o)

We have also started investigating the Ocean Biome as a school!  Lucky for us we get to recreate the ocean in our school!  We have started working with T&T Fish and some of the parents to create the delicate ecosystem in our saltwater tank.  It is a long process, and the children are part of every step.  We are understanding the importance of the salt water, the difference between salt and fresh water fish, and the steps necessary to create the perfect salt water tank.  As we learn we are creating books individually and one as a class.  Look for them in our upcoming reading area next to the saltwater tank!

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