Ocean Life and Biomes

 Along with starting our year long investigation on marine life, we have  teamed up with Google to focus on different types of BIOMES. The children created pictures of different animals in the aquatic biomes.

The children talked about turtles,dolphins, octopus,seahorses,clown fish and so many more!

We have been talking to the children about what sea animals they would like to put in the 90 gallon fish tank we have!

Before picking a biome, we needed to find out what they are! We teamed up with the summer school  students to learn all about them!

Some important details we learned are:

  • Biomes can be on land or in water.
  • People change most biomes by building cities, planting crops and cutting down trees.
  • You have to look for the right tress, animals, weather and other clues.

After looking up information on the Google Search Engine and many new books we received, we were ready to begin!

Some Biomes our students are making:

  • Rain Forest
  • Desert
  • Swamp
  • Ocean!

The Biomes are looking amazing!

Check back soon to see pictures of our field trip  visit to T & T Fish & Reef, where we have bought our 90 gallon tank!

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