Making Pizza from scratch!

It was a funny coincidence that 3 of the classes wanted to make pizza this week!  This was a two day process.  Thursday we made the dough, let it rise, and Friday we rolled it out and added the toppings.  We learned that yeast is “alive” and creates air, which makes the dough rise.  We got to see how the dough became twice its’ size!  We fine tuned our measuring skills, and used the measuring spoons and measuring cups to make sure we had the right amount of ingredients. We LOVED using the food processor!  We got to see how it turned all of the ingredients into one big ball of dough! 

 Thanks to all of our wonderful parents, we had wonderful toppings to add to the pizza!  We even picked fresh basil and oregano from the garden to add to the pizza!
It was hard rolling out the dough to the size we needed, but with Ms. Sahira’s help, we got the job done! It may look a little different than the pizzas that you get from a restaurant, but the taste was FANTASTIC, and we were surprised that the children ate most of the toppings! 

The best part of the day was EATING!!! 

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