More Paper Fun

Through our “Paper Investigation” we are having so much fun!  It seems the teachers are having just as much fun putting out paper in different ways and forms, and seeing how the children react to it!  We loved the shiny, silver paper.

Boxes are another favorite!  We love to see how many things we can do with them.  We are enjoying the translucent paper hanging in our room, and we love to admire ourselves in the mirror as we play.

It is funny how some of us can sleep during all of the excitement ;0) We have fun taking the translucent paper all over the room.  We put it over our eyes and look around, we crumble and shake it to hear the sounds, and we like to drag it with us when we crawl.  We love to tug on it when it is displayed in different parts of the room.  But we had the most fun with this GIGANTIC piece of brown paper!  We sat on it, crawled under it, rolled around on it, and laid on it!  Who would have thought that this material could be so much fun!

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