Little Doctors

One morning, the children took an interest in a book about doctors and the instruments that they use. They were talking about how they’ve been to the doctor before, and gotten shots. Some of them were showing their band-aids to one another and said, “I got this from the doctor!”

That afternoon, there was an area set up for them with face masks, stethescope, thermometers, medicine droppers, empty medicine bottles, and band-aids. The children looked at the book again and recognized all these materials.

For a while, the children were just using the band-aids. They were opening them and finding places on their bodies to put them. Some of the children were taking apart the medicine droppers and putting them back together. They were using their own theories and problem solving to figure out how to use the materials, and to determine what they were used for.




…Then they started to play doctor. The children were taking care of each other, checking temperatures, giving medicine to one another, and using many band-aids.

Jack: I’m a doctor!
Zoey: Me too! I got a shot for your arm.
Logan: And I got a band-aid. Do you have a boo boo?
Jackson: Doctors give us medicine.
Perrin: This is medicine
Jack: Medicine is for your mouth. Band-aids make your boo boos go away.
And ambulance takes you to the doctor.
Jackson: London, say aaaaaah!
Taylor: Can you check my heart?
Aven: I’m the doctor, I’ll check your heart.
Juliet: Aven, can I check your heart?
Aven: No, because I don’t have a heart.




The children were excited to actually find a little scratch on top of his mouth.  They knew just what to do!  Put a band-aid on it!  He let them do it, but after a few minutes of talking with a band-aid on his lip, he quickly took it off! ;0)


The children laid on cots, and there were doctors treating patients!…



They even tried using band-aids as medicine…  ;-P




Through imaginative play, the children show one another their experiences through imitation. This allows them to express their happiness, fears, knowledge, and so much more. They learn through imaginative play in subtle ways, but they are great in their developmental growth.



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