Continued Exploration about Coral Reefs

Over the last week we have been learning about 4 different corals that will be added to our fish tank….

  • Feather Duster
  • Leather
  • Mushroom
  • Polyps

We give children time and they have extended periods of time to discuss ideas, develop their cooperative projects, research ways of doing things, try things out,revisit drawings and comments previously made. We fully explore the journey of thinking by the children.  We give them the time to read, reflect, think, and discuss. This makes for a deeper learning experience and allows the children the time they need to process the information.

Here is a little preview of the progress with this project and some facts we are learning:

“Leather Corals are different colors because of the light.” 

“Leather Coral eat algae and plankton.”

“Leather Coral By: Wonderland Class”

“Feather Duster can be purple, green, and pink.”

“Feather Duster eats plankton.”

“Feather Duster By: Wonderland Class”

“Mushroom corals come in a variety of colors.”

“Mushroom Corals eat black worms and algae.”

“Mushroom Coral By: Wonderland Class”

“Polyps Coral By:Wonderland Class”

“Feather Duster Coral “

By: Noah

“Mushroom Coral” By: Kylie

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