Toddler Gardeners

Our seeds have sprouted are ready for planting in our garden outside!  It has been a great experience for the children to water their seeds everyday in class and watch them grow.  We took our plants outside, and the children planted them and watered them.  We are looking forward to tasty, homegrown tomatoes, and flowers!  The children were very carefull with the little plants.  We got to see a new respect they had for them, since they have been caring for them everyday.    They were very careful to plant them in the holes, and cover them softley with the soil.  We are happy to say that all of the plants survived the “transplant”! ;0)  And of course we had to water them, we are experts at watering now! ;0)  Wish us luck, we have found Tomato Hornworms, which is a big green caterpillar, all over our tomato plants.  The children LOVE them, and love watching them eat our plants, but they destroy the plants!  So we will see how many tomatoes we grow.  We will keep you posted……………

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