With the help of our parents taking a jar home and adding materials in it, we were able to complete our estimating table and begin using it today











The children each picked a jar with materials in it that they liked. First we took turns writing our name. Then, we estimated how many items were in that jar! Before writing the number down, we really looked at the jar to see if it had a lot or a little bit, so we could know if we wanted to pick a small or big number. All of our friends helped us figure out how to write BIG numbers like 25 and 69!






After estimating, we were able to pour all our items on a counting board and begin counting with our friends to see how close we were!






We were very happy when our friends helped us count because some of our jars have so many pieces in them!

We counted 25 rhinestone pieces.

After counting each jar we picked, we wrote down the actual number of items and compared how close we were to our estimation! Some of us were very close!

 This project focuses on:

  • The children being able to make accurate estimations.
  • Able to make 1 to 1 correspondents.
  • Utilizing phonemes in order to create words. Spelling and reading the words we have written.
  • Counting from 1 to 100

Homework assignment: We would like the parents to help their child write their numbers 1 to 100 at home, so we can improve writing and recognizing our numbers! We have also been using mathematical terms like “big” and “small” to help the children understand the relationship between numbers and objects.

Please ask Ms. Ambreen if you have any questions about this project.

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