Salt Water Egg: Which water will the egg float in?

We are continuing on our saltwater marine life investigation!  The children have come to understand that the ocean has salt water.  We have started comparing fresh water and salt water animals.  To help the children learn about salt water, we performed an experiment on 2 eggs to see which egg would float in fresh water or salt water.

The children all took turns getting the experiment ready….

They were very good helpers!

Trying to measure out just the right amount of salt…

We made our very own SALT WATER!

They were very excited to see the results! One egg was floating and the other was not!

The children were asked why they thought the egg floated in the salt water and not the fresh water?

 Natalia and Ella said,” Because it’s salt water!”

 Kylie told us, “The egg didn’t float in the fresh water. It floats in salt water because salt water is stronger!”

 We explained to the children that salt water is heavier than the plain tap water, so the weight of the egg does not have to push away as much water to make space for itself and therefore it floats.

After the experiment was done, the children drew pictures of what they observed and the conclusion to it!

This experiment focuses on:

  • Cause and effect relationship
  • Observe using their senses
  • Properties of matter: floating and sinking
  • Represent their findings through drawings.




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