Math and Counting

Their are many different ways of working on counting and math for children. Our mini light table and tiles have began its own exploration all about that! Because the children are so into learning their numbers, they are now counting everything around the classroom on their own. 😀

The tiles in the classroom have played a major role as math. The children have used them in many different ways. While some are creating a shape, others are categorizing them by colors and identifying the colors. Lastly they begin to count all the tiles for each activity they do.


As the children are creating shapes out of these tiles, they have been counting how many tiles they have used. They have been focusing closely on learning their “teens”. The children are encouraged to use the number chart to help them count and identify what 2 numbers make a double digit.

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The  children are working on how to count, identify and write the number.


With the type of learning we encourage here at Little Wonders, we find it very imporant for parents and teachers to understand the difference between conceptual learning and skill development. Many children may be able to identify 5, but do they understand what 5 is? This is why we constantly count things,especially materials that are familiar to us because it maintains the child’s attention and has more meaning to them.


One technique we are using to accomplish our goal of learning our one to one corrospondence is:

1.) Scanning, where we have the child move their hand over and touch each object as they count out loud.

Here are some samples of the children’s work where they show how they count and show their discoveries by being able to draw it.



As all this counting was going on the children compared the tiles to stars and this is where we have began an exploration about stars. Below are some drawings of what starts look like in the sky. Check back to see all that has happened with this new exploration.


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