Story time & Blue Lights!

We have a couple different projects going on in our infant room!

We have a new story hour in our class and are inviting you to participate!! Each week the children will enjoy being read to and after each finished book the children will do a small project pertaining  to the story.

The first story we read is, “The adventures of Max the Minnow”By: William Boniface

It is a cute story about a little minnow fish who comes to appreciate being the size he is and learns that its what you do with what you have that makes you who you are.

During the reading, all the children were very quiet and interested in hearing the teacher and looking at the funny moving eyes that the pictures had of the fish!

 The infants were given drawn out cut pieces of different kinds of fish to paint for their book display. They really loved being able to be hands on in the activity and loved feeling the paint on their fingers.

 Evan, Ronin, Jaxson, and Jackson all had a great time exploring the new activity center we fixed for everyone to enjoy!

They took quiet a bit of interest in the blue lights we have set up….

We all grabbed it, squeezed it, and looked at it while admiring it!

“We spent quality time with our buddies while enjoying bright blue lights!”

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