State Design with Architect Janette Meniado

On Monday, October 6th, an architect, who is also a mother of a child here at Little Wonders, came to meet with the Mercury students. She was here to assist them with designing the stage they have envisioned for the Fall Festival. As a class, they shared with her their ideas, and she consolidated them so the first draft of the blueprint includes their complete design. 


In guiding the discussion, our guest reinforced the importance of new considerations when planning a design. She emphasized the importance of keeping in mind the purpose and function of a structure. She also demonstrated how determining the dimensions of a structure, as well as the materials with which it will be built, facilitate the process of building, which can occur when the design is perfected.


Our students will have a second meeting with the architect on Wednesday, which will include her computerized blueprint of their stage. We are also hoping to coordinate an additional meeting with a builder for the project on that same Wednesday morning. In the meantime, they are beginning to launch the building phase of the project, enlisting the help of parents and teachers alike to help them complete the stage in ample time before the Fall Festival.

The students decided to measure Noah’s height for the dimensions of the bottom floor of the stage. Since Noah character will be the roots of the plant, they wanted to make sure that he would be able to perform comfortably underneath.



The students had the opportunity to describe their ideas and work alongside a Houston based architect. Their thoughts were valued and their ideas were implemented. 


At the end of the meeting, the students walked outside to the site and decided where the best location for the stage would be. The architect had them consider where the audience would sit and where they would have the most room to exit and enter the stage.


We are very thankful for the experiences that our children have with our community. Thank you to all of our parents who have participated so far or have offered their help on this project!


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