Spring Festival

The Spring Festival was an exciting and worthwhile event that brought together teachers, children and parents in an educational environment outside of the classroom.



The celebration welcomed parents into our school by connecting the students’ school and home selves, and offered the families an opportunity to get to know our teachers and check in on the progression of projects. Parents are a vital part of Reggio Emilia based learning. Teachers are seen as partners that guide children’s curiosity through child-led provocations. This is just as important as the children in their home environment learning with their parents. To ensure a healthy and productive learning environment at home and at Little Wonders it is crucial for the parents and teachers to work together by participating in activities with the children. The Spring Festival was a great way to involve the parents while the children learned and explored new information at the petting zoo.

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Interacting with animals first-hand allowed the children to not only see the different types of animals but they were able to smell and hear the animals. It was a rich sensory experience that engaged the children to observe, reflect and retain new information through their senses. The interaction was not only a fun and exciting experience, it provided the children the opportunity to practice vocabulary, consider the associations between animals and their home habitats and practice interacting with other forms of life by being gentle and respectful.

The older students also celebrated changes that occur in spring, such as the importance of processes like pollination. The festival marked an opportunity to celebrate that study, and feel the changes we’ve discussed close-up. Children, teachers and parents are three equally important components in the (Reggio) philosophy’s educational process and this festival not only celebrated the blossoming of flowers; but the budding of stronger relationships and the blooming of intelligence inside our classroom and beyond.




“We should remember that there is no creativity in the child, if there is no creativity in the adult: the competent and creative child exists if there is a competent and creative adult.”

                                                                                                -Carla Rinaldi




Community into Practice  

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